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Utilkilt Farewell

Three years ago Things Celtic was the first Celtic store in the nation to sign on as a Utilikilt retailer. It was exciting to be selling the most popular new kilt product available. The comfortable and practical cotton kilts were a perfect match here in Austin. In those three years we sold over 875 Utilikilts! We have kilted hundreds of men here in Texas and shipped kilts from Alabama to Alaska.

Utilikilts have become so popular, that the makers in Seattle are having problems keeping up with the demand. Over the past year they have chosen to focus on their web site and their festival sales and have cut back on the retailer program. Unfortunately Things Celtic will no longer be able to stock Utilikilts at our store.

Of course we won’t leave you unkilted and Things Celtic is now the first retailer outside of Virginia to carry the new NationKilts from The Kilted Nation. The NationKilts also feature a cotton blend fabric, pockets and an adjustable waist snap closure. We are stocking NationKilts in sizes 30” to 52” and prices start at $160. For Things Celtic, NationKilts should fill the gap left by Utilikilts.

At this time we do still have over 100 Utilikilts in stock and we will be continuing to sell them until our stock is depleted. Please come by to try on a kilt, or call if there is a size and style you’re interested in.

Things Celtic
Austin Texas
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